Goddess of the wilderness and the sea

Dragonborn: Black-scaled Kiri is a free spirit, one who spends less time among her people and more among the various flora and fauna of the plains. She’s thin and lithe and is elusive and somewhat fickle. She’s also the goddess of rivers, and the dragonborn will often call upon her for guidance to fresh water. Kiri is perhaps the only dragonborn deity who isn’t the least bit bound by honor.

Dwarf: Lifa is a very emotional goddess, on the one hand hospitable and nurturing—and on the other, wrathful and destructive. Moreover, it’s hard to tell which one she’ll be. The dwarves have many tales where Lifa was directly and gravely insulted and didn’t lose her cheerful demeanor; and there are many tales where the slightest thing whipped her up into a rage. Dwarven sailors always make generous offerings to her before setting sail.

Eladrin: Mystical Faenderrynna is the keeper of the wild and the creator of the elves. It was she who, when the eladrin cities began to grow and the people began to tap into the magic in their blood, wanted to return to the old ways. She led those of like mind away into the forest with her and had them renounce their personal magic—which is why elves have eyes like humans.

Elf: May is the patron of the elves, the one who urged them to part from the eladrin and give up their magical energy unto the earth to nourish it so it would in turn nourish them. It is she who guides them and grants them wisdom, and it is she who keeps the natural balance.

Halfling: Maeve is an inscrutable goddess, cool, calm, and poised for the most part, but known for her quick and savage temper. Though she’s in charge of the wilderness as a whole, she’s also the patron of the various wild cats that can be found in the Aidneian jungles.

Tiefling: A distant and somewhat cold deity, Marina grants her bounty with one hand and takes it away with the other. Her song beckons to sailors, children, and the foolhardy. Sometimes she’s merciful, delivering children back to their parents after they’re swept away, but most of the time those who are subject to her embrace don’t return.

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